Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fried Green Tomato

One of my favorite foods is crispy fried sliced green tomato coated in corn meal.
The type you get in restaurants are almost uneatable in my opinion.
They use large tomatoes that are almost ripe and slice them too thick.
The trick is to pick them about half grown with less water content to get them crispy.
My mouth has been watering since I planted my 9 plants and watching this first tomato reach the picking size.
Today is the day if I can get Madeline to cook it for me since she is the expert in getting it just the way I like it.
I'll grill her favorite food, which is salmon, using my secret marinade and seasoning so I bet she will agree.
MMMM MMMMMMM Good......... Karl ..

Fast forward ahead..........After lunch

My plan worked..Best meal ever.
Delicious crispy green tomato slices, Salmon fit for a queen and my own style of grilled chopped potatoes with rosemary and garlic seasoning.
I believe those were the best fried tomatoes Madeline has ever cooked and she loved the salmon and taters. We topped it off with strawberry shortcake. Is this a good life or what?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grant's High School Graduation Night

Graduation day finally arrived for 39 happy cheering, singing and even crying seniors.
Our grandson Grant is third from the right, first row.
It seems Grant and his smiling classmate are enjoying the event.

One last hug as he receives his diploma.

I got it! I got it! he is probably thinking.

He looks great in that Tux.

He presents his mother with a rose to cap off an immensely happy occasion.
Congratulations Grant and "ROLL TIDE".

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Eve

Our grandson Grant is graduating from high school tonight and his older brother, Eric, traveled from his home in Texas to attend the ceremony. Grant is in the background and Eric is holding his son Ethan, our only great grandchild. Ethan was trembling from the cool water but pitched a fit when he had to get out. He loved the water.
We decided to have a pool party in honor of Grant's graduation and Eric's family visit.
Sixteen of us were present yesterday afternoon and evening and several went swimming in spite of rather cool water. We all had a great time and probably ate more than we should have.
Grant will be attending the University of Alabama in the fall.

Our oldest daughter with Ethan her only grandchild, the new love of her life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Caught Red Handed

These sneaky little rodents are too cute to get mad at but it keeps Madeline busy trying to feed the birds.
These thieves along with the chipmunks stuff their mouths as soon as she leaves the area. The birds have to scream for Madeline to refill the feeders. A fifty pound bag doesn't last long.
I took this picture through the window since they probably have a guilty conscience and scat when we approach. They should know by now that we won't harm them.