Saturday, April 26, 2008

School Spring Musical

TCS, the school that our grand kids Adam and Joseph attend presented their Spring Musical, In God We Trust. Adam, above, played the part of Eagle Eye and rapped a song in defense of keeping the motto, "In God We trust" on our money.
The case was argued before the "Supreme Court" and some of the actors played the part of great Americans of the past.

Joseph, above, played the part of Benjamin Franklin and did an excellent job

Joseph was almost unrecognisable dressed as Ben Franklin and he made a good speech. Great job Joseph.

Adam did a superb job as Eagle Eye. I knew he had a great singing voice but it seems he could make it in the rapping world as well. Great Job Adam.
The entire cast did a remarkable job and our hats are off to those that were responsible in presenting it. Great job everyone involved.
Madeline and I certainly enjoyed it and they even served treats afterwards. Thanks TCS.
Please click on the Brasher Girl link to the left to see a video of Adam and Joseph as they performed.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Joseph Wins Spelling Bee

Our grandson Joseph won the spelling bee in his 3rd grade class. Since the regular Bee is for grades 4 through 8, in the fall, each class in grades 1 through 3 have one in the spring.
He placed second in his first grade class, won last year in his second grade class, and now this one in his third grade class. Maybe he will enter the big one next year.
His winning word this year was "Squirrel".
Congratulations Joseph.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Martial Arts Medal Winners

Our grandson Logan on the right is a medal winner. Congratulations Logan

Our grandson Drake on the left is a medal winner. Congratulations Drake...