Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Adam & Joseph
Mamaw & Pawpaw have got treats so we will see you tonight.
Wear your scariest costumes to see if you can scare us. (NO TRICKS)
Love you both

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Washington State Visit

It's been months since we last saw our
4 Grand Children in Washington.
We were invited to come out for a swim
in the kids pool but the weather changed
for the worse and it was too cold.
We had a great week playing with the kids
but it took a few days of rest when we got
back home. The years are catching up
with us. Some pictures are posted below.

Our 1 Week Visit

Mamaw holding Peyton..Mamaw holding our daughter.
Bryce climbing the rock.
Mamaw holding the sleeping boys

The "Super Charged" 4 playing in the back yard .

Things grow big in Washington.
Good soil and moisture.

Muscle man Drake showing off his "tattoos"

Pawpaw holding Peyton.

Even Copper has his own bed.

We send a box almost every month
to the kids and they look forward to
opening them. We timed this one to
arrive about a day after we got there.
Even Copper the dog gets into the act

Bryce is ready for some ball playing.

More box opening.

Drake and Peyton are up to something.

Poor little Logan has to go to school
when he would rather stay home
with Mamaw and Pawpaw

Morning time and pacifier time.

Dog gone dog has his own bed
but prefers the couch.