Friday, May 25, 2007

Goldfish Diner

In this peaceful pond , once lived about 100 goldfish but now there are none.
A big ole hungry owl moved in close by and used our pond as his own fish diner.
They disappeared slowly at first before we knew of the owl's presence and we suspected coons, possums or cats and maybe we were partly right. We only spotted the owl sitting on the bridge railing, with his mouth salivating, about a week ago and in 4 days the last 12 disappeared.
Look close and you can see some of the fish in the top middle of picture which was taken last year.

Moses Takes Flight

Mission accomplished....Here is Moses ready to flee the coop looking so much better than he appeared in the story below. Our daughter and grand kids did a great job of rescuing him from sure death.....Fly, fly away Moses but be careful out there, it's a dangerous world.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bragging time again

Yep...It's every grandparent's right to brag on their grandkids and we aim to do it every chance we get.(Smile)
These are our middle daughter's boys and they are getting smarter than their Mamaw and Pawpaw.
It was awards day and they continued their sweep of awards again.
Adam, the oldest, completed 5th grade with perfect attendance and was on the "A" honor roll. He won awards in Bible , Spelling, Math, Language, Science, History and Citizenship. CLAP CLAP CLAP.
Joseph did quiet well also. He completed 2nd grade with perfect attendance and also was on the "A" honor roll.
His awards include Bible Memorization, Spelling, Math, Phonics, and best all- around 2nd grade boy. He also won the First Place trophy for the 2nd grade class spelling bee. CLAP CLAP CLAP.
Mamaw and Pawpaw are real proud of our boys.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Our new Grand Bird

I suppose you could say our family has grown again (in a way) This is Moses, our Grandbird : -)
Our middle daughter is so kind hearted that she just couldn't look the other way when she saw this poor bird on the ground, alone and hungry, with no nest in sight. It was just skin and bone until she nursed it back to health. It still has a bare spot but is rapidly going away.
She did research to learn what to feed it and she tenderly acts as its mother feeding it with tweezers. We think this one is a starling but not positive. This isn't the first bird that she raised till grown and able to fly away.
I believe she should have been a veterinarian and I'm sure she would have been a good one.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Washington Angels

These are our Grand Angels stuck way out in Washington State and we know they would be happier here in Alabama closer to their Mamaw and Paw Paw.
Bottom picture left to right, Logan 6 1/2...Bryce 15 months...Peyton 2 1/2...Drake 4 1/2..
Our daughter has her hands full for sure.....