Saturday, February 17, 2007

The years first Blizzard

The weather man predicted snow flurries and since It's been a while since we had snow ,I had to record this blizzard. As you can see, the slope to our neighbors house is ready for skiing, the back deck is too deep for outdoor cooking, the birds have been snowed out of their birdbath and my car is almost buried....Oh well, I did get a little excited but I still remember the deep snows back home in Northern California. Maybe we will still get some this year but Karl hates it......Madeline...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Botanist I'm not.

I'm no botanist nor have I ever been accused of having a green thumb. In fact almost everything I try to raise dies a quick death no matter how much loving tender care I give it. If it's a wild plant and I leave it alone it seems to do great which gave me an idea. When my daughter, Deann, gave me this poinsettia last Thanksgiving it was somewhat smaller and I expected it wouldn't last long with my brown thumb nursing it so I let it live a life of it's own and to my amazement it thrived with no care. (Ain't it Purty?) So maybe that's the secret that experts are keeping from people like me, just leave it alone.....Madeline

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Adam did good

Here is Adam our grandson with the ribbons he won at theACEA state academic competition: He won 4 first place and 2 second place ribbons in English, Math, Science, History/Geography, Spelling, and Bible drill. Mamaw and Paw-paw are so proud of him.

Adam made the paper

This is a picture in the Birmingham News of our grandson Adam waiting his turn in a district spelling bee where he came in second .An eighth grader outlasted him. Adam is in the fifth. Wait till next year (smile)