Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey time

One of our favorite days has come and gone but with happy memories remaining. We finally were able to see our first great grandchild and enjoy a wonderful day with most of our family. We had 16 family members and one of our grandsons' girlfriend. Our youngest daughter and family live too far to come but we visited them in Washington state a couple of weeks ago.

The parents and grand parents of the new addition to our family are beaming with joy.

Our daughter Deann is helping put out the food as another of our grand children, Kris, tries to duck out of the way

Adam, our grandson, enjoyed playing with Ethan.

Our son Kenny keeping out of the way

Kennys' wife taking her turn holding Ethan

Our granddaughter Katie.

Our grandson Grant holding Ethan with his girlfriend looking on.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Go west young man

Our youngest daughter and son-in-law took Horace Greelys' statement too serious and moved to Portland, Oregon a few years back and proceeded to give birth to 4 little "angels" that we don't get to see too often.We just got back from a week long stay with them in Battle Ground Washington, a few miles north of Portland, where they bought a home.

Logan who just celebrated his 6th birthday is attending Kindergarten and enjoying the challenge. He's mamas' lil helper and has grown quite a bit since we were here last. He loves his Spiderman pj's and loves to pose in them.

Drake is 4 years old and all "boy". He is quiet capable of holding his own with his older brother. He wore both of us out with his energy. This is a rare quiet time as he regains his energy for another bout with us. Copper the dog is waiting for him to drop a morsel that he will quickly gobble up.

Peyton is 2 years old and loves to look "pretty" and loves her "baby doll". She stands forever in front of the television watching cartoons in her Mermaid costume

Our daughter has her hands full but she does a very good job of raising these 4 who range in age from 9 months to her oldest who had his 6th birthday 2 days before we arrived.

We were last there last spring when her newest, Bryce, was about 2 months old and he's about 9 months old now.