Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ethan at 9 Months

Ethan Is 9 months old and visited the Photo studio.
The top picture is our grandson Eric and his wife Summer holding our great grandson Ethan.
Aren't photographers great at getting children to pose so cute?
We can hardly wait untill we get to visit them in Texas.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Our Family is Growing

Our family is growing but not in numbers, just size. They grow so fast and we don't get to see this growth very often of our only great grandchild in Texas (Ethan) and our 4 grandchildren in Washington state.

This is the latest picture of Ethan whom we haven't seen since Thanksgiving.

Our oldest grandchild in Washington lost his first tooth and he called his Ma Maw so proudly exclaiming that the tooth fairy left him $5.00 and mom explained, to us, it was the smallest she had. His next will be substantially less.

Maybe another trip to see them is on the horizon.