Monday, June 16, 2008

Katie plays Cinderella

Our granddaughter Katie is majoring in "Theatre and Dance" at the University of Alabama.
She recently played the part of Cinderella in the play "Into The Woods" at the University.
Our son and daughter in-law were kind enough to treat us to the play including a round trip ride to the University.
It was a thrill to watch her and listen to her lovely voice as she sang several songs.

This is a excerpt from an article that the critic wrote about the play and actors.

"Without a doubt, some of the most impressive musical performances are by Katie Burton as Cinderella and Kelly Ann Shamburger as Rapunzel. Burton's clear, perfectly pitched tone is faultless at all times and Shamburger's lilting melodies sung from offstage are absolutely gorgeous. Both of these ladies also conveyed the personalities of their character with ease. Stephanie Marie Mosley once again showcases her immense talent with a stunning performance as Little Red Riding Hood who is en route to visit her grandmother, of course, through the woods. Mosley brings such life to a familiar character that destroys all your past preconceptions about Little Red and ensures hilarity."

A couple of videos were somehow taken and posted on "you tube". The video quality is below par but the vocals are okay. Please click on the following links to hear Katie singing.

Katie's video #1
Katie's video #2